How to Meet Rich Men in Boston, MA?

meet_rich_men_in_BostonFor so many reasons Boston is one of THE best places to live on this planet. One of the reasons is its important position as a financial hub and business center for the global economy. This city offers a luxurious life style and not all of you can afford such a wealthy and costly lifestyle. But don’t worry, if you lack the financial resources to afford the luxuries then here we provide some very useful ideas to help you meet and date rich and wealthy men in Boston.

Here the word “meeting” does not mean to just “meet” but to find a right person who suits your age and also shares your interest. Spending dateless weekends may hamper your chances. So, you just need to follow these useful ideas and surely you can end up meeting the right man.

Look for Hot Shots of Finance
Major driving force of Boston economy lies in the finance sector. Mutual funds and Insurance are the most productive parts of the financial industry. If you are in search for wealthy men of the city then you must look for people like CPAs, bankers, brokers and hedge fund managers. You will most likely find these people in banks, convention centers, mortgage corporations and insurance companies. You may not get access to these places easily, if you get a chance to enter then make the most of it. If you can’t, then look out for nearby cafes, pubs and restaurants. Hangout in the cafes in the central business district or places like Seaport World Trade Center, Hynes Convention Center and Boston Convention Center along with South Boston Waterfront will definitely prove beneficial for you.

Visit Sports Events
Becoming a sports fan can definitely increase your chances to meet rich people as you’ll find quite a handful of rich men at the sports events. Hockey and football games go all year long. Games at Harvard, Boston College and Boston University can provide good opportunities for you to interact with rich men.

Go for Geeks
Finance sector may have the lions share in Boston’s economy but technology industry also has its fair share. Route 126 is the spine of the technology industry, all the big guns in tech sector has their offices on the route; visiting cafes and restaurants along this route can certainly increase the chances of hooking a date with a tech geek.

Find Wealthy Neighborhood
Wealthy neighbors are always valuable, try living in the places where the rich live. This can surely work for you. Morning and evening walks can present a good opportunity. Rich men are used to throw parties at their residence, if you live in the same place then you are most likely to be invited to the parties. Living in posh areas is heavy on the pocket but it can be fruitful. Weston and Beacon Hills have the highest property prices and no one can afford such high class living style, but regular visits to the cafes, stores and supermarkets in the neighborhood of these areas may work out just fine for you.

Attend Charity Events
You can possibly bump into a millionaire in a charity event or fund raiser. Social events like walks for a cause can also provide you a decent chance. Ticket prices of these events is usually quite high so if you can’t afford it then volunteering for these events is the best choice, you can get inside access to the event and the riches attending the event. Some of the renowned social events of Boston are Avon Walk, Pan Mass Challenge and AIDS walk.

Hunt for Entertainment Spots
Daily routine for Boston’s top notch business can be very hectic sometimes, usually they have tight and tiresome daily schedule. These rich folks also need a break to have some fun and pleasure; shortlist the night clubs and bars where the rich guys usually hang out. Black Rhino, The Ruby Room in Sleek Onyx Hotel are the notable places where the rich people usually head for.

Get Employed
Make the most of your professional skills and find a job that can draw you near to the rich folks, working in their companies gives you an extra advantage, they get to know you both professionally and personally. Finding a job in insurance companies, real estate corporations, banks and security trading companies can bring you in direct contact with the wealthy elite of Boston.

Become A Volunteer
You can volunteer for charity events, social events, community theaters and join activity clubs in Boston. These activities offer a fair chance that you might interact with some rich guy.

Search Online
If you are in search of a quick method to meet rich men in Boston then search online, there are plenty of websites that offer their services to find rich men online. is a website where you can definitely find the cream of Boston, this website has been serving people for more than a decade and definitely worth a try.