How to Meet Rich Men in Washington D.C, USA?

meet-rich-men-in-Washington-DCMany women want affection and love from a rich man. They want to be taken care of, pampered and spoilt with gifts and luxurious outings. Among them, many want to spend the rest of their lives with a man with class and wealth. In their quest to accomplish this goal, they would do anything to meet rich men. No doubt, Washington DC is a place with abundance of such rich men. As you read on, you will find tips on how to find rich men in Washington DC.
Washington DC is considered the hub of power brokers. It is a city with rich men in different fields of endeavor, it can be politics, business or other professions. Therefore, meeting rich men is not beyond the reach of any woman who takes these few steps below serious. To meet rich men, you must know where they frequent. Those places are where you need to be.

Wealthy Neighborhood

Exclusive neighborhood are home to the most successful men in Washington DC. One sure way of meeting rich men in Washington DC is to live where they do or at least frequent where they live. Some of the areas where these rich men live are: Bethesda, Great falls and chase MD/ friendship height, just to mention a few. However, Georgetown is at the top of the list of exclusive neighborhoods. A lot of rich men, young, middle age and old, reside in these different neighborhoods located in the northwest quadrant of the city and along the Potomac. You could live in these neighborhoods or at least do something that will often bring you to this neighborhood. For example, you can schedule workout in the gyms located in these area. Going to the grocery stores will bring you closer to the rich men in these areas. One area that you should not forget is the Wine and Cheese section in the gourmet stores. Going to the shopping malls, restaurants and parks in these locations will offer you valuable opportunities to associate with the rich.

Attend City Events

One way of mingling with millionaire men in Washington DC is to attend city events that these rich men are invited. There are lots of events that hold in Washington DC. Charity events is one place to meet the rich and generous in heart. So, make out time to attend charity events. Rich men also attend events such as Thanksgiving parties, Christmas parties and Fund raising dinners. You can keep your self-updated on information of such event as look them up in local newspapers.

Work in Washington DC

Another way of getting close to rich men in Washington DC is by working at places where the visit or frequent. Getting a job as a trainee in a law firm, real estate firm or other outfit where rich men visit works for many. Working at recreational spots can get you closer to rich men. Such places includes; golf clubs and restaurants where rich men hang out or meet to discuss important business. In addition it is important to consider getting a job at a country club or even joining the club. Rich men love to play golf and tennis. As a member of the club you can learn to play by asking them for tips on how to play the game. This way, you get close to them and also catch some fun as well.

Real Estate Industry

One industry that continues to thrive in Washington DC is the Real Estate business. This industry adds a lot to the economic growth and activities of the city. It is not surprising to know that a good number of wealthy men are in this rewarding industry. It is interesting to note that a lot of rich young men are already successful in their career in this industry. You could get close to them by taking a job in one of the real estate firm or you could get to meet them where they meet or hangout.

Hang Outs

Everyone loves to spend some time at exclusive hubs and restaurants. Many also enjoy spending quality time with friends at these places. You should consider hanging out in places such as; Citronelle, Sequoia, Michael Richards and Fogodo Chao. Other places to hang out are; Mon ami gabi, Tabardinn, and Chima Brazilian. Despite, that meals are expensive at these places, it is a place where you can be sure of meeting rich men. Therefore, you could settle for dessert at these places.

Meeting rich men is an achievable task. By following these simple tips you can meet the man of your dream.