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Top Ten Places to Meet and Date Single Rich Men

top_ten_places_to_meet_rich_menYour surest bet of getting to experience private romantic holidays is to date single guys who are loaded with cash. This calibre of guys are usually not the average Joe type you commonly come across in popular places like supermarkets and cafes. In order the make your dream a reality, you first you need to understand where these single and successful guys hang out especially when they are not working to make more money. Here are a couple of locations where you can try your luck in discovering single rich men.

1. Trendy Pubs
Successful professionals like lawyers and doctors are usually busy people and they do not hang out far off from their places of work. Therefore, if they want to relax and unwind after the day’s work, the closest and yet fashionable pubs are where they go to. Peak working hours are not the ideal time to make a good catch because it’s most likely the place will be empty. Late nights, particularly at the start of a weekend, you’ll generally find the routine clients gathering to have fun.

2. Premieres and parties
Entertainment industry related events and parties like movie premiers draw some of the attractive and good-looking people to congregate. Having an invite to an after-party is even perfect because it presents good opportunity for socialization. However, ensure to have your checks before you attend such events to be sure who is real actor, or producer, or director and who is faking it.

3. First-class golf clubs
Rich entrepreneurs and managers love to hang out on golf courses where they negotiate contracts and broker big deals. It is usually expensive to be a member of such clubs, however, you can try and accompany a rich friend to get access to the clubhouse as a guest and make the most of the opportunities that may come your way. Once again, watch your timing. Late afternoon is best on a working day while early mornings on weekend breaks is most effective time since the affluent normally converge to try their power drives during this periods.

4. Auction houses
Most successful rich guys are passionate artwork collectors. Try and be on the lookout for when any such auction is taking place in the popular auction houses and find time to pay them a visit on those significant days. But also remember that, some of the people at the auction houses may be representatives of some really rich and busy men but you still could have a chance. Likewise, you will find older rich men as well.

5. Luxury resorts & spas
It doesn’t get any better for rich and single men to de-stress than taking time off their busy schedule to visit a spa. You are likely to find such people at resorts with massage facilities but the only disadvantage here is that you will not find many. However, if you do get the attention of a suitable one, be assured you are in good company, as he may be very relaxed and open to engage you in a conversation.

6. Sports bars
It is widely known that rich and single guys who have money and no women to spend on are probable sports enthusiasts. Constantly visit high-end sports bars and you’ll likely find a catch. Post-victory events of well-known sporting clubs are equally a good place to meet them.

7. Charity events
These are events that are usually organized to support a cause therefore you will expect rich people to be in attendance. Do not be deterred in your quests to find a single and successful men at such functions since almost all male guests could be in the company of other ladies. Such pairs could well be for just the occasion. Be sure to look good because I cannot stress the importance of first impression much.

8. Business places
The places rich men usually go are for business or a break. Such places include banks, exhibition hall, coffee shops in business canter. Find time and chance to chat with them in these places and find yourself a date.

9. Millionaire dating websites
There are bounds of dating sites tailor-made for rich singles nowadays. All you need to do is to create a profile on one of these millionaire dating sites and contact those rich men who meet your expectations. But wealthy men do have their own requirements in women. The vast majority of rich men are not looking for rich women, what they pay much attention to is the qualities of their potential partners, like loyalty, attractive appearance, positive attitude and so on. So you’d better clarify such qualities in your profile to attractive their attention.

10.High-end clubs
High-end place like clubs for millionaires are the real rich guys gather together. These places may hard to get access to, but once your are in, meeting a rich man will definitely not a problem at all.

How to Date Rich Men in Los Angeles, California?

meet rich men

meet rich men

Most ladies fantasize about meeting a rich man at some point in their lives. However, if you want to make your dreams a reality, you need to know exactly how to do this. The key to meeting someone with money is knowing where to find them. If you live in LA and are ready to meet your wealthy suitor, here are some tips.

Pricy Eating Establishments

Find restaurants that charge hundreds of dollars for a meal. A few good places to find stars and the agents that make them famous, as well as other professionals, are The Breeze (located on Avenue of the Stars) and The Craft (located on Constellation Boulevard). If you prefer the nightlife, then make sure to check out Dolce Restaurant (located on Melrose Avenue) for a trendy look and clientele. If you like foreign food or fusion, then try Mr. Chowi’s (located on Camden Drive in Beverly Hills) or Asia de Cuba (located on Sunset Boulevard). The paparazzi who are always lurking by the entry are a sign of the fame and fortune of those who frequent these establishments.

Expensive cafes

Even rich men don’t like to eat at full-fledged restaurants for every meal. Because of this, some great places to look for millionaires are hot dog stands and trendy cafes in LA. These include Los Felize Café, The Alcove Café, Café Tropical and The Stand. The chilled out atmosphere of these locals means that the rich men who eat there are more relaxed and easier to socialize with.

Fancy Pubs and Bars

When you prefer to charm a man over drinks, LA is home to some wonderful high scale pubs and bars that are full of wealthy men. If you prefer your wealthy man to have fame as well as money, the X Bar (inside the Hyatt) is a wonderful location, since people who work in entertainment like to hang out within. When you are in the mood for a funky evening, Edison and Cole (located in downtown city) is actually underground. Another great option is the Tiki-Ti (located on Sunset Boulevard), and both the Tiki-Ti and the Edison and Cole have been featured on the GQ list for top LA watering holes.


The nightlife in LA is the best in the country, and the club is a great place to meet rich men in a relaxed mood. The Kid’s Cotton Club, the Cohiba, the Airliner and AD (featuring many levels of dance floors) are home to managers of hedge funds and movie stars alike.

Events in LA

The US entertainment industry is based in LA, so there are many exclusive events filling up the cultural and social calendar all year long. Be on the lookout for TV series and movie premiers as well as award events that attract the famous and wealthy. Some of the best places to rich men are the parties that take place after these events. Some of the venues that host these kinds of events are the Landmark, the Arclight and the Nokia Theater.

Expensive Neighborhoods

You must do your research if you want to meet wealthy and available men. LA neighborhoods with high property values (and wealthy inhabitants) include Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Hollywood Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Sunset Boulevard, Bel Air and Beverly Hills. If you go to these places and attend parties, hang out on the beach, shop in the stores and eat in the cafes you just may find that man you have been fantasizing about.

Find Employment

Lastly, keep in mind that wealthy men love people who have the intelligence to keep up with their ability to make money. Finding a job, or volunteering, at the places where the wealthy men of LA frequent will put you right in their path. Also, because the important and wealthy don’t get out from behind their desks very often to meet women at church or in bars, when you allow them to see your work ethic and intelligence on the job you may be more likely to get their attention. It is yet another way to introduce yourself to the wealthy men of LA.

How to Find Rich Men

find rich men

find rich men

Going Fishing

There are plenty of fish in the sea but if you wish to go hunting for bigger and better fish then you might as well look for the right seas and go for a fishing trip. We only want the best guy there is and for us, being rich is one of the qualities that we seek since the world now is a practical one and most women even with the highest degree and the most credible career would want a man that will balance their sense of superiority. Dating sites that cater to that kind of search are now available everywhere and there are those that are better meeting the needs of each woman than others.

The Search for the Rich and Famous

A challenge is what gets the blood going for that goal to succeed. In order for us to get what we want, we must be prepared by in whatever way we can think of and prepping ourselves for that one person that we can be with for the rest of our lives has always been materialized with our efforts to look good. The only thing left is the ideal man itself. Searching can be narrowed down into small places by opting for a millionaire matchmaker website so that you will be able to land on the best dates with the rich and handsome guy. There are several places to meet rich men and millionaire dating sites can be centered on a place where the rich and famous come from.

Doing a bit of research as to where the rich and famous lives will help a lot in looking for the best man. Finding one will not be a problem when you subscribe to the right dating site as well. All you have to do is concentrate on a place where the rich bachelors reside and look for a dating site that handles the local area.

Other Tips on Places

Rich men dating sites are not the only place to bump into one rich guy. While you are at it, you can bring your laptop to the high end coffee shops where lawyers and high paid bachelors meet so you will be able to increase the chance of meeting one with a chance encounter. It’s most likely that the famous guys with rich pockets tend to dwell in recreational areas like the gym so enrolling into one that is prominent to attract the elite of society will also be a step forward to meet the right one. Going on charity events or the event of the century will also get you the chance to meet one and it would be likely to get involved with one who is also searching for a girl that he can hang out with. You do not have to ask the guy for his monthly salary in the first encounter. You just have to do a little research on highest paid jobs and casually ask what they do for a living.