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How to Meet Rich Men in San Francisco, California

meet_rich_men_in_San_FranciscoOn the shore of the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco is a key center for culture, entrepreneurship and commerce in the Western U.S. Because of this, San Francisco is a big destination for millionaires who have been wealthy for a long time, and those who are just getting started. If you are searching for a rich single man to care for your lifestyle and romance needs, it is a wonderful place to start.

The Silicon Valley Effect

Much of the financial success of San Francisco can be attributed to the Silicon Valley area south of the San Francisco Bay. This area is called this since it has a high concentration of technology companies that are known the world over, including Adobe, eBay, Cisco, Oracel, Yahoo, HP, Facebook, Apple and Google, along with many more. Because of this high concentration of computer professionals, there is a high number of workers who earn over a million dollars a year. Other technology related companies that contribute to this, with San Francisco headquarters are the Wikimedia Foundation, Salesforce.com, Twitter and Craigslist.org. The biggest plus to dating some of these rich tech men, they are some of the youngest wealthy men available.

Center for Finance

Many banks that do business worldwide are located in San Francisco, along with venture capital firms and financial institutions. Actually, the Financial District is home to Montgomery Street, often called the “Wall Street of the West” because of the many financial institutions that make their home there such as the headquarters of Wells Fargo and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. These businesses mean that there are many financial professionals such as CPAs, managers of hedge funds, investment professionals and bankers that make San Francisco their home. Of course, if you want to meet these wealthy men, you need to go to the areas in which they relax and work. This could mean grabbing a drink at one of the luxury bars in Downtown or on California Street, or playing a round of golf at the Silverado Resort, Lincoln Park or the Presidio.

Destination for Rich Vacationers

San Francisco is a thriving tourist destination, with many landmarks known the world over. Though destinations such as Alcatraz and Pier 39 are always favorite spots to meet regular tourists, for rich single men who are vacationing, it is best to look in the pricier and more luxurious San Francisco resorts such as the Argonaut, Clift Hotel, Fairmont and the Hilton. Particularly focus on the exclusive vacation properties on the south bay and the peninsula, where the San Francisco elite tend to reside. Wealthy surfers may be found surfing on Ocean Beach, though some may prefer the quiet China Beach located under the exclusive Seacliff neighborhood. Those who love nature may venture out to explore Golden Gate Park or do some bird watching at Rodeo Beach in Marin Headlands, to the north of Golden Gate Bridge.

Exclusive Nightspots

Some of the best spots to meet wealthy singles who are out to meet beautiful young girls are the exclusive nightlife hotspots in San Francisco. The 24th Street area of Noe Valley and Cow Hollow’s Union Street are known for a wonderful collection of cafes, boutiques and nightclubs, however, the most exclusive nightspots include venues such as 26 Mix and Club 525.

Wealthy Neighborhoods

An excellent way to meet rich men frequently is to live where they do. The wealthiest neighborhoods in San Francisco have normally been in the north east of town, such as Russian Hill, Seacliff, Presidio Heights, Pacific Heights and Nob Hill. If a home in these neighborhoods is unfeasible, you can still frequent these neighborhoods by taking a jog in the morning, or sitting back with a Frappuccino in one of their exclusive coffee houses.

How to Meet Rich Men in Boston, MA?

meet_rich_men_in_BostonFor so many reasons Boston is one of THE best places to live on this planet. One of the reasons is its important position as a financial hub and business center for the global economy. This city offers a luxurious life style and not all of you can afford such a wealthy and costly lifestyle. But don’t worry, if you lack the financial resources to afford the luxuries then here we provide some very useful ideas to help you meet and date rich and wealthy men in Boston.

Here the word “meeting” does not mean to just “meet” but to find a right person who suits your age and also shares your interest. Spending dateless weekends may hamper your chances. So, you just need to follow these useful ideas and surely you can end up meeting the right man.

Look for Hot Shots of Finance
Major driving force of Boston economy lies in the finance sector. Mutual funds and Insurance are the most productive parts of the financial industry. If you are in search for wealthy men of the city then you must look for people like CPAs, bankers, brokers and hedge fund managers. You will most likely find these people in banks, convention centers, mortgage corporations and insurance companies. You may not get access to these places easily, if you get a chance to enter then make the most of it. If you can’t, then look out for nearby cafes, pubs and restaurants. Hangout in the cafes in the central business district or places like Seaport World Trade Center, Hynes Convention Center and Boston Convention Center along with South Boston Waterfront will definitely prove beneficial for you.

Visit Sports Events
Becoming a sports fan can definitely increase your chances to meet rich people as you’ll find quite a handful of rich men at the sports events. Hockey and football games go all year long. Games at Harvard, Boston College and Boston University can provide good opportunities for you to interact with rich men.

Go for Geeks
Finance sector may have the lions share in Boston’s economy but technology industry also has its fair share. Route 126 is the spine of the technology industry, all the big guns in tech sector has their offices on the route; visiting cafes and restaurants along this route can certainly increase the chances of hooking a date with a tech geek.

Find Wealthy Neighborhood
Wealthy neighbors are always valuable, try living in the places where the rich live. This can surely work for you. Morning and evening walks can present a good opportunity. Rich men are used to throw parties at their residence, if you live in the same place then you are most likely to be invited to the parties. Living in posh areas is heavy on the pocket but it can be fruitful. Weston and Beacon Hills have the highest property prices and no one can afford such high class living style, but regular visits to the cafes, stores and supermarkets in the neighborhood of these areas may work out just fine for you.

Attend Charity Events
You can possibly bump into a millionaire in a charity event or fund raiser. Social events like walks for a cause can also provide you a decent chance. Ticket prices of these events is usually quite high so if you can’t afford it then volunteering for these events is the best choice, you can get inside access to the event and the riches attending the event. Some of the renowned social events of Boston are Avon Walk, Pan Mass Challenge and AIDS walk.

Hunt for Entertainment Spots
Daily routine for Boston’s top notch business can be very hectic sometimes, usually they have tight and tiresome daily schedule. These rich folks also need a break to have some fun and pleasure; shortlist the night clubs and bars where the rich guys usually hang out. Black Rhino, The Ruby Room in Sleek Onyx Hotel are the notable places where the rich people usually head for.

Get Employed
Make the most of your professional skills and find a job that can draw you near to the rich folks, working in their companies gives you an extra advantage, they get to know you both professionally and personally. Finding a job in insurance companies, real estate corporations, banks and security trading companies can bring you in direct contact with the wealthy elite of Boston.

Become A Volunteer
You can volunteer for charity events, social events, community theaters and join activity clubs in Boston. These activities offer a fair chance that you might interact with some rich guy.

Search Online
If you are in search of a quick method to meet rich men in Boston then search online, there are plenty of websites that offer their services to find rich men online. MillionaireMatch.com is a website where you can definitely find the cream of Boston, this website has been serving people for more than a decade and definitely worth a try.

How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Miami, Florida?


Miami is often called the Gateway to America, and is an important southeastern US hub for media, culture, fashion and commerce. When trying to find a Mr. Right with money to invest Miami is an excellent place to look.

Paradise for Vacationers

Miami is found on the coast of the Atlantic, and has many of the most beautiful beaches and views of nature found on the earth. Because of this, it is a prime destination for people vacationing from the world over, seeking surf, sand and sun. In addition, it is known as the world’s Cruise Capital, since its port is home to more cruise ships than anywhere else in the world. The awesome thing about looking to meet rich single men who are on vacation is that they are looking to have fun, and interested in meeting beautiful ladies. Of course, you want to ensure that your search area for the perfect man includes the many luxury vacation resorts surrounding Miami, including La Playa, Ponte Vedra, Four Seasons, Boca Raton and Marriotti Key Largo Bay Beach Resort, as opposed to the populated public beaches. If you just want to relax with a cocktail while you peruse for the wealthy man of your dreams, visit a local such as the Taboo Restaurant located in Palm Beach on Worth Avenue.

Financial Center

Though it is well known as a paradise for vacationers, Miami is also a key financial center in the US. The downtown area hosts one of the highest concentrations of international financial institutions in the US, and is the home to many major international and national corporations. Many reasons exist for Miami’s importance as a financial and commercial center. It has a lower than average income tax rate, and is the home of over 1,400 multinational corporations from Latin America because of its location. Because of this, wealth management professionals, bankers and financiers from all around often visit Miami for business. This makes it a perfect place to catch a wealthy financier by visiting luxury restaurants and pubs in the main financial district of Bricknell, in addition to the Port, Watson and Virginia Key areas in Downtown Miami. While there you may just happen upon your perfect personal accountant while you are at it.

Hot Spot for Media

In addition to being a hub of the entertainment and media industries, Miami has a wonderful culture, fashion and art scene. It holds many special events that play host to those from the entertainment, media and fashion worlds. So, if you are looking to meet someone who has money and good looks, visit luxury service and brand launching parties, art exhibits, movie premiers and select play screenings. The top fashion events in Miami are the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Miami Fashion Week, hosted by within the Wynwood Art District. If you do choose to go this route, however, make sure that your appearance is top notch, because you will be among models from all over the world who come to Miami looking for work. You must be at the top of your game.

Wealthy Neighbors

Millionaire matchmakers  suggest  that you must put yourself where the wealthy men are if you want to date them. These neighborhoods in Miami include The Mimo Historic District in located in the Northeast section of Miami, the Upper East Side, the Design District, Midtown, The Roads (located in the southeastern side of the city), Coconut Grove and Coral Way. If a home in these neighborhoods is out of your reach, simply visit expensive cafes and read a book, look through neighborhood antique stores, or walk your dog in the local parks. After you have been seen many times in the neighborhood, it increases your chances of earning the attentions of rich single men at the local restaurants and grocery stores.

Ways to Meet Rich Men in Dallas, Texas

meet_rich_men_in_DallasDallas is one of the ten largest cities in the US, and the third biggest city in Texas. Aside from its role as the economic center of the Dallas-Fort Worth area (the 4th biggest Metropolitan area in the US), it plays an important role in both the culture and economy of the Southwest US. So, if you want to find and date wealthy Texas men, Dallas offers many chances to do just that.

Go with the basics
A big part of the economy of Dallas is built around financial services. The financial hub of the city is home to wealth management firms, investment corporations and banks, meaning it is also home to many men who have a multi-million dollar net-worth. Since this is the case, it means that finding a job or internship in a financial or investment company will put you in sight of some of the highest paid single men in the country.

Find the right professions
An additional component of the Dallas economy is the IT and telecommunication sectors. The Dallas area is home to so many telecommunications companies that it is sometimes called the “Silicon Prairie.” The Telecom Corridor that rests in the suburbs north of Dallas contains over 5,500 telecommunications firms, among them Verizon, Sprint, Cisco, Nokia, Fujitsu, Ericsson, AT&T, Nortel Networks and Texas Instruments. These companies employ scientists, computer professionals and engineers who are paid on par with some of the top managers and financiers. If you want to meet a wealthy technical guy, hanging out in the pubs and cafes in the Telecom Corridor and in Richardson is an excellent idea, since these men tend to migrate to these places when their workdays are over.

Visit Upscale Shopping Centers
Wealthy men love to wear brand name accessories and clothing, and Dallas is a wonderful place to shop. It may have the largest ratio of malls to people of any US city. The most popular malls for wealthy Dallas residents are North Park Center (the 2nd biggest mall in Texas) and Galleria Dallas. Other options include Highland Park Village (The US’s longest standing shopping mall, established in 1931), Lifestyle Fashion Terminal, West Village and North Park. When you are making your rounds at the malls, remember to visit the Ralph Lauren Polo shop, which Cosmo rates as the brand rich men most often by for themselves. Other brands that attract wealthy men are Burberry, Coach, Armani and Calvin Klein, all excellent hunting grounds for single wealthy men.

Combine work and pleasure

Dallas is a major hub for conferences and business travelers. Business people normally frequent fancy steakhouses and restaurants when they visit a city, so go to near event and convention centers. After you arrive, sit at the bar and spend some time, because many guests will order a drink while their table comes open. If you play your cards right, you might find someone single and wealthy to chat with over drinks.

Visit wealthy neighborhoods frequently

If you want to meet a man who can hop a jet at any time of the day or night, you must live in the same areas they do. For Dallas this includes the neighborhoods of White Rock Lake, Willow Bend, Turtle Creek, South Lake Swiss Avenue, Kessler Park, Deep Ellum, Highland Park, Preston Hollow and suburbs such as Park Cities. Homes in the community of Preston Hollow are quite possibly the most expensive in all of Texas, ranging from $100,000 shacks to $40 million dollar mansions. Though residing at one of these homes may not be possible, visit parks, grocery stores and gyms in these areas to put you into proximity of these wealthy single men as you are exercising, getting your morning coffee, or just playing with your pooch.

How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Atlanta, Georgia

meet_rich_men_in_AtlantaAtlanta is most crucial economic center in the whole of south-eastern part of the United States. It is the capital of the state of Georgia and abounds many rich and successful people.  The backbone of Atlanta’s economic activities is dominated by corporate and financial industry. In terms of numbers, as  far as Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered within city limits, the city is closely behind New York, Houston, and Dallas. The Atlanta area alone inhabits over 75 percent of Fortune 1000 companies as well as about some 1,250 multi-national corporations in the region. Once a major corporate center, it follows that some of the richest CEOs, CFOs and equally highly ranked successful business executive can be found in this part of America. Atlanta is your sure bet if you wish to hook up with a successful and wealthy date.

Consider airline employees

The airline industry plays a major role in Atlanta’s economic activities. In terms of passenger traffic and operations, the Hartfield-Jackson International Airport located in Atlanta is the world’s busiest airport. Delta Air is the market leader among the air carriers based in Atlanta. Even today, Delta Air is the biggest employer of the city of Atlanta, and the 3rd largest employer in the whole metropolitan area. Therefore do not look any further beyond the big shots within the airline sector, especially employees of the major carriers, if you desire to fly high with a successful and single guy who is based in Atlanta.

Places to meet rich men

Making  frequent visits to the wealthy localities provides a much better opportunity in associating with the jet-setting crowd. Places to hang out in order to get noticed by the successful dwellers are the parks, supermarkets and coffee shops within the wealthy residential areas. One of the distinguished neighborhoods noted for its million dollar-plus households are Buckhead, locally called the Beverly Hills of Atlanta. Other rich locations include Candler Park, Midtown, Virginia Highlands, Inmar Park, the heterogeneous mix of Little Five Points, as well as majority areas of North-Central Fulton County.

It is very important to know where the rich singles meet to have fun so that you could increase your chance to date one of them. Because the rich boys usually go out on weekends to their favorite night clubs to indulge in some night-time actions, you have to visit the most elite nightspots in town. Most of the elite nightspots and bars can be found in Virginia Highland, Buckhead, or Midtown areas. It is estimated that at any one point in time, about 300 nightclubs are fully functional in Buckhead alone. Gold Room, The Tongue, Blue Room, Moon Dogs, and Groove are just a few examples of some of the popular joints where the big boys hangout. Other places like the Opera and Cheetah Lounge in Midtown are special favourites of Atlanta’s most exclusive clienteles.

You could be lucky to find a rich man to date but it is equally important to put in the effort and also push for it. Therefore, as you visit the right places where you could possibly meet these successful guys, don’t you think it will be good idea to have some sense of personality and style of your own that would make you stand out from the crowd and be noticed?

How to Find Rich Men

find rich men

find rich men

Going Fishing

There are plenty of fish in the sea but if you wish to go hunting for bigger and better fish then you might as well look for the right seas and go for a fishing trip. We only want the best guy there is and for us, being rich is one of the qualities that we seek since the world now is a practical one and most women even with the highest degree and the most credible career would want a man that will balance their sense of superiority. Dating sites that cater to that kind of search are now available everywhere and there are those that are better meeting the needs of each woman than others.

The Search for the Rich and Famous

A challenge is what gets the blood going for that goal to succeed. In order for us to get what we want, we must be prepared by in whatever way we can think of and prepping ourselves for that one person that we can be with for the rest of our lives has always been materialized with our efforts to look good. The only thing left is the ideal man itself. Searching can be narrowed down into small places by opting for a millionaire matchmaker website so that you will be able to land on the best dates with the rich and handsome guy. There are several places to meet rich men and millionaire dating sites can be centered on a place where the rich and famous come from.

Doing a bit of research as to where the rich and famous lives will help a lot in looking for the best man. Finding one will not be a problem when you subscribe to the right dating site as well. All you have to do is concentrate on a place where the rich bachelors reside and look for a dating site that handles the local area.

Other Tips on Places

Rich men dating sites are not the only place to bump into one rich guy. While you are at it, you can bring your laptop to the high end coffee shops where lawyers and high paid bachelors meet so you will be able to increase the chance of meeting one with a chance encounter. It’s most likely that the famous guys with rich pockets tend to dwell in recreational areas like the gym so enrolling into one that is prominent to attract the elite of society will also be a step forward to meet the right one. Going on charity events or the event of the century will also get you the chance to meet one and it would be likely to get involved with one who is also searching for a girl that he can hang out with. You do not have to ask the guy for his monthly salary in the first encounter. You just have to do a little research on highest paid jobs and casually ask what they do for a living.