Ways to Meet Rich Men in Dallas, Texas

meet_rich_men_in_DallasDallas is one of the ten largest cities in the US, and the third biggest city in Texas. Aside from its role as the economic center of the Dallas-Fort Worth area (the 4th biggest Metropolitan area in the US), it plays an important role in both the culture and economy of the Southwest US. So, if you want to find and date wealthy Texas men, Dallas offers many chances to do just that.

Go with the basics
A big part of the economy of Dallas is built around financial services. The financial hub of the city is home to wealth management firms, investment corporations and banks, meaning it is also home to many men who have a multi-million dollar net-worth. Since this is the case, it means that finding a job or internship in a financial or investment company will put you in sight of some of the highest paid single men in the country.

Find the right professions
An additional component of the Dallas economy is the IT and telecommunication sectors. The Dallas area is home to so many telecommunications companies that it is sometimes called the “Silicon Prairie.” The Telecom Corridor that rests in the suburbs north of Dallas contains over 5,500 telecommunications firms, among them Verizon, Sprint, Cisco, Nokia, Fujitsu, Ericsson, AT&T, Nortel Networks and Texas Instruments. These companies employ scientists, computer professionals and engineers who are paid on par with some of the top managers and financiers. If you want to meet a wealthy technical guy, hanging out in the pubs and cafes in the Telecom Corridor and in Richardson is an excellent idea, since these men tend to migrate to these places when their workdays are over.

Visit Upscale Shopping Centers
Wealthy men love to wear brand name accessories and clothing, and Dallas is a wonderful place to shop. It may have the largest ratio of malls to people of any US city. The most popular malls for wealthy Dallas residents are North Park Center (the 2nd biggest mall in Texas) and Galleria Dallas. Other options include Highland Park Village (The US’s longest standing shopping mall, established in 1931), Lifestyle Fashion Terminal, West Village and North Park. When you are making your rounds at the malls, remember to visit the Ralph Lauren Polo shop, which Cosmo rates as the brand rich men most often by for themselves. Other brands that attract wealthy men are Burberry, Coach, Armani and Calvin Klein, all excellent hunting grounds for single wealthy men.

Combine work and pleasure

Dallas is a major hub for conferences and business travelers. Business people normally frequent fancy steakhouses and restaurants when they visit a city, so go to near event and convention centers. After you arrive, sit at the bar and spend some time, because many guests will order a drink while their table comes open. If you play your cards right, you might find someone single and wealthy to chat with over drinks.

Visit wealthy neighborhoods frequently

If you want to meet a man who can hop a jet at any time of the day or night, you must live in the same areas they do. For Dallas this includes the neighborhoods of White Rock Lake, Willow Bend, Turtle Creek, South Lake Swiss Avenue, Kessler Park, Deep Ellum, Highland Park, Preston Hollow and suburbs such as Park Cities. Homes in the community of Preston Hollow are quite possibly the most expensive in all of Texas, ranging from $100,000 shacks to $40 million dollar mansions. Though residing at one of these homes may not be possible, visit parks, grocery stores and gyms in these areas to put you into proximity of these wealthy single men as you are exercising, getting your morning coffee, or just playing with your pooch.